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ZimmermannBauble Pants

Size O

ZimmermannBotanica Book Print Shorts

Size OP

ZimmermannBotanica Crop Kick Flare Pants

Size OP

ZimmermannBotanica Shirt

Size OP

ZimmermannBowerbird Teased Frill BLouse

Size O

ZimmermannCarnaby Gathered Bralette

Size 2

ZimmermannCorsage Bauble Shorts

Size 1

ZimmermannCorsage Tailored Dress

Size 2

ZimmermannCrinkle Skirt & Wrap Top

Size 1

ZimmermannDaisy Linen Mini Dress

Size 3

ZimmermannEmpire Dot Mini Skirt

Size 1

Enter the realm of Zimmerman at Pre Loved Closet, where it feels like a Zimmerman sale every day of the year! Our carefully selected preloved Zimmerman pieces reflect the brand’s dedication to detail, craftsmanship, and its distinctive feminine style.


From their signature dresses to beautifully tailored pants and tops, our collection embodies the essence of Zimmerman’s aesthetic, providing you with a variety of pieces to choose from.


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