5 Cult Fashion Pieces To Invest In Now, According To Rachelle Rowlings


Rachelle Rowlings has built a loyal community of more than 30,000 Instagram followers thanks to her impeccable wardrobe and her no holds-barred honesty about the realities of being a working mother. As Rachelle’s PLC Edit goes live—you can shop pieces from her closet here—we asked Rachelle to share five Pre-Loved pieces she loves and tips on how to style them. From the understated sandals that elevate any outfit to the classic Chanel handbag that’s a for-life investment, Rachelle’s approach to fashion is all about making smart investments that extend the lifespan of clothes and accessories.

1. The Pouch Bag

“I have adored this pouch from the moment it came out. I love the effortlessness of it, and the fact that you could be running out the door and grab it knowing it’ll match every outfit. It can be day, it can be night, it can be used for the grocery run. Plus the black is perfect as it’s timeless, understated and so wearable.”

I love the effortlessness of a pouch bag, and the fact that you could be running out the door and grab it knowing it’ll match every outfit"

2. The Everyday Blazer

“It’s not blazer season, it’s blazer life. I wear my blazers even peak summer as the sun goes down and if I want to dress up an outfit. Especially lightweight blazers. Camilla and Marc never get a blazer wrong—the cut, the length, the colours. A good tailored blazer is neutral colours will last you a lifetime.”

3. The Statement Boot

“I remember these boots arriving and thinking—these are the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen. I wore them with mini skirts and coloured shirts. I wore them with long dresses and blazers. I even wore them with denim shorts and a white T-shirt. They are so versatile, so flattering on your legs and are the most exquisite blue!”

A good tailored blazer is neutral colours will last you a lifetime."

4. The Barely-There Sandal

“I’ve never met a simple white sandal I didn’t like. And The Row have absolutely mastered it. These are not so tall they’re unwearable but high enough that you’ll still feel a little bit fancy. They go with everything. And, an essential with any investment piece, they can be worn from day to night. They look especially good with a great pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.”

5. The Classic Handbag

“I purchased this bag on the trip to Europe where my husband and I got engaged. I saved for it for a year, and I remember walking into Chanel and my hands were shaking.  I saw it on the shelf and almost cried because it was my first large designer purchase. I’ll never forget that feeling. It’s the most beautiful versatile bag. I use it as a cross body bag for running around during the day and as a shoulder bag at night. It sits so perfectly against a blazer or a floating dress. It really does  complement every outfit.”

Quilted Boy Bag


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